Sunscreens with benefits

Sunscreens with benefits

Most sunscreens use oxybenzone, octinoxate to detects UVB rays and parabens to preserve the formula. Harmful ingredients that are responsible for the so-called “swimmer pollution”, happening when the product wash off and linger at the surface of the sea. Similar in price, packaging, and free from these substances, natural sunscreen can be an alternative to explore. Here are 4 brands having a momemtum this summer.

The Tan Accelerator

The brand: Green People is one of the oldest and most famous natural cosmetic brand in the UK. Born in 1997, it is a pioneer of organic skincare made in Europe. Like most success story, it was created out of a need: to help the founder’s daughter in her battle against multiple skin allergies and eczema. At the core of the brand is the promise to never use aggressive ingredients or synthetic chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, alcohol (ethanol) or synthetic fragrances or colourants, and to never test on animals

The product: Sun Lotion Natural Tan Accelerator contains 87% organic ingredients including aloe vera, Edelweiss extract, Inositol, Green Tea and Avocado. The formula is water repellent, which something you can feel instantly when applying the product, and SPF15. Extracts of Carob fruit increases the production of the natural pigment “melanin” for up to 25% thus allowing a quicker tan whilst keeping the skin protected from UV rays. From €15,30 for 100ml,

For sensitive and reactive skins

The brand: Balance Me is a UK-based botanical cruelty-free cosmetic brands free from parabens, dea, mineral oils, sulphates, pegs, petroleum, silicones, propylene glycol, microbeads, artificial fragrances and colours. It was founded by sisters Clare and Rebecca Hopkins and remains a family business.

The product: Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF 25 contains two different types of hyaluronic acid to ensure hydratation from within, a Titanium Dioxide base, which provides a natural mineral filter to shield form UVA and UVB rays and Kukui Seed Oil, rich in essential fatty acids. The formula is topped with lavender and aloe vera extract designed to suit sensitive and reactive skins. Also exists in a sheer BB cream version. From €30,

The daily moisturizer

The brand: As the daughter of organic farmers, Kimberly Sayer used the vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs from her organic gardens to create skin and body care products. Fast-forward a few years and a full range of certified organic, cruelty-free, vegan skincare labelled to her name was born, endorsed by celebrities such as Paula Abdul, Ione Skye and Shalom Harlow.

The product: The Antioxidant Daily Moisturizing Cream SPF 30 includes non-micronized titanium oxide and zinc oxide, Oat Beta Glucan to protect skin against UVA oxidative stress and cold pressed Borage Seed Oil for maximum Gamma Linoleic Acid content which fortifies cell growth and treats prematurely aged skin. Also exists in an ultra light version. From €30,

For sunbathing

The brand: The Organic Pharmacy was founded by Margo Marrone and her husband. As a pharmacist specialised in herbal medicine and homeopathy she wanted to create a bespoke destination in London for people looking for skincare including pharmaceutical grade organic herbal extracts.

The product: The Cellular Protection Sunscreen SPF30 with marigold, rosehip and shea butter is a best seller of the brand (and currently sold-out on their e-shop!). It is a natural mineral sunscreen blending titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to provide protection against UVA and UVB rays. It is free of nano particles and also infused with Aloe and Calendula to nourish and protect the skin. From €45,